Best Face Shield on Amazon

While looking for a good face shield to buy i evaluated many product listing on Amazon and Flipkart.

Because there were so may options available with bad average ratings i applied filter to show on 4 star and above, which did resulted in better products but also expensive ones. then i set the filter to 3 star and above, after that one product caught my attention. Following product.

Mediweave Premium Protective Reusable Safety Face Shield, Visor with 2 sided Peel Off Layer, Pack of 5

This one had an average rating of 3.7 stars and 22% reviews were negative. I went to review comments and started reading. those 1 star review had many helpful votes too.

i realized most negative reviewer did really understood how to use this product. Many people commented the shield is not transparent or its blur or seller is fraud.

So naturally i ordered this product and it was delivered within 24 hrs to my home. After checking this product myself i have concluded that this product deserves 4+ rating and its probably one of best face shield available on amazon (didn’t find anything good on flipkart). Many customer simply didn’t removed protective sheets on actual plastic shield.

This one cost 72 rupees per shield and come in pack of 5 shields. it has great transparency and comfortable to wear.

If you don’t mind paying more, i thing face shield from Steel Bird is really good. I recommend following products.

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