My tips to make Putty experience better

Many of us take putty as fixed or rigid piece of software which does one thing , talk to remote server and we accept all annoying things like background color, text size, disconnection from server while you working on code in code editor or looking for error over internet and most annoying thing ever Sound it makes while using tab. 
Here I will share my settings to fix all that.

  1. Bell (alert sounds when pressing tab)
  2. frequent disconnection from server
  3. Background Color
  4. font
  5. save all settings in a profile

1. Bell (Alert Sounds when pressing tab)

Let me paint you a picture. You are in zone. Playing your work music playlist and typing your code. You need to switch directories in your putty session. you use tab to auto complete directory names and then you hear most annoying sound. There is a way change that. Following setting will mute those alert sounds.

Default setting
New Setting

2. Frequent disconnect from server

Go to Connection->Second between keepalives

This will send a keepalive packet to server to keep the session alive. Suggested value is 120 seconds. This will make your life easier since your session wont be closing too frequently.

Default setting
New Setting

3. Background

Navigate to Window->Color->”select a colour to adjust”->Default Background

4. Font

Go to Window->Appearance->Font settings->change


change setting here

5. Save all settings in a profile

To save all the above settings go to Sessions->Load,save or delete a stored session. Type name for your profile in text box below “Saved Session” and hit Save