Why me?

Why do life treat people differently ?

Some get lot of pain, some get less, some get life for so short some get it for too long. some get it longer but painful and some gets happier but short life.

so why?

I bet each of us keeps asking from our destinies the same question “Why me ?”

Answer is simple you just have to accept the truth of yourself. you have to cope up with it, make peace with it. Once you are done, you will start loving your life again and then you get your answers too.

Accepting ourselves teaches us to ask the same questions in different way.

the question would be “Who else ?” 🙂

yes it is bit confusing , let me explain.

We always see our pain as biggest hurdle to our self, we never look out that there is someone who is in more pain than us.

Someone who is more alone and in need than us. We need to reach out to them keep each other in company, make them happy if we can or at least we can answer their this particular question “Why Me ?”.

Answer will be “Its not just you” it’s me also, him also, her also. There are big numbers anyone could imagine.

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  1. Really want to sit down with your founder/creative writer someday to understand how amongst all this clutter this article is so relevant and something about this is so lovely to read it. Shared in all my whatsapp groups and showed to my daughters alsoo. ppl really need to read such things right now. Kathi Carrol Clarkson

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